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Abhishekagni convention

Abhishekagni convention 

. the programme will be conducted at  thara ground. The programme will guided by Rev. fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil with the blessings of His Excellency Mar. Rapheal Thattil. In this june there was a meeting conducted, in the presence of His Excellecy Mar. Raphael Thattil. there were more than 50 people participated in that meeting, the main Agenda of that meeting was to create a administrative body and subcommities.

The main posts and the name of the persons selected to each posts are given below

Patron and President- Mar Raphael Thattil 

Vice President- Fr. francis Elavuthinkal

General Chairman- Fr. Soji Mundupalath (Daily time Table 

Vice Chairman-

General Convenor-Appachan Kukatpally

Joint Convenor-VIncent


 after the election of the main committy, an election for the subcommities conducted, there were 15 committies selected for the smooth running of the convention.